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A Few things You Should Know About Book of Ra

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According to the latest statistics, the popularity of online casino games has reached record high levels. One of the main reasons for that is the wide range of casino games available to online users. This means that modern casino players have access to dozens of exciting games that promise a lot of fun and great prizes. The most popular casino websites are offering many bonuses and perks to both new and loyal users which make this online playing experience even more interesting. The best part is that you easily try these games for free, but you can also start playing with real money if you want and believe that you are prepared. There are also many different creators of these games and it seems that Novoline is among the best ones. The most popular online casinos have at least a few slot games created by this company. Of course, Book of Ra is among the most popular games of this kind and there is more than one good reason for that.

What is Book of Ra?

It is good to know that this game actually started as a conventional slot machine developed by Novoline, but it is now available in an online form too. Only a small number of slot machines had an online version. However, due to the fact that there are certain licensing rights that were not acquired, there are some slot symbols that are not the same. Those who have played this game in its physical form know that the game is almost the same as the classic casino game. What is even more important is that the thrill it provides is even greater than before. The greatest benefit of playing the online version of this casino game is the fact that you can get much greater prizes. The biggest win is incomparable to the one offered by land machines. Just like many other slot machines, the story and the structure of this game is all about the chance of getting the same symbols after you make a spin. In case you get three Book symbols in one row, then you’ll get 10 free spins which will obviously increase your chances of winning. In addition, this will also provide a random game symbol that will boost your chances of winning in the next round.


While we are discussing bonuses, it’s worth mentioning that this slot game also provides few different bonus options. The majority of online casinos are offering 100% bonus on the first deposit that you can use in this game. Of course, this bonus is available only for a certain amount of money. There is also a bonus for existing members of the casino website. In addition, players can notice in-game bonuses too. It takes some time to get these bonuses, but persistent players will eventually feel these benefits.

This slot game inspired by classic slot machines is popular all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia.


A Basic Guide to the Arab Casinos World

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There are many people who think that gambling is not very developed and popular in Arab countries, but they are wrong. Even though gambling is technically illegal in the Arab world, and only a small number of countries in this part of our planet have physical casinos, thanks to the Internet the situation is much different today compared to two decades ago.

According to some experts, popular card games were one of the main reasons why online casinos and gambling have become so popular not only in Arab countries but also around the globe. Every major Arab casino is offering card games like poker. While we are talking about poker it is good to mention that about 15 years ago, websites that were offering poker had transactions that were measured in dozens of millions of dollars, but today these figures are expressed in billions. Of course, a huge number of these transactions come from Arab countries.

So, even though technically casinos are illegal in most Arab countries, practically residents of these countries can enjoy a wide range of casino games over the Internet. In most cases, these online casinos are based in non-Arab countries. Although some Arab countries have tried to block these websites, they know that they can’t prevent them because people can always find ways to bypass these restrictions.

Many surveys have confirmed that the number of Arab casino players that visit online casinos is increasing every year. In addition, the majority of Arab casino players have knowledge when it comes to internet and technology, so they don’t have problems accessing these websites. Finally, they can access websites where they can get information about Arab casinos and everything they need to know about online gambling for players that come from the Arab world. One good example of a website like this is http://casinoarbi.com. 

When it comes to the favorite casino games played on Arab casinos found online, it’s good to point out that poker is by far the most popular option for Arab players. This card comes in a wide range of variations and it seems that Arab casino players like all of them. In many cases, they are part of international online poker tournaments. Another card game that they like is blackjack.

Those looking for more relaxed casino games that offer an equal amount of thrill and possibility to win money use slots. In addition, Arab players also play roulette and baccarat.

Today, many Arab Internet users have access to broadband Internet and this is one of the main reasons why Arabic online casinos have become so popular. Namely, you must have a stable Internet connection to play all the aforementioned casino games without interruptions. Thanks to the advance of technology, casino activities have become very popular among Arab players. As a result of that, many world-renowned gambling sites have the Arabic language for their interface. In addition, there are some Arab online casinos that have Multilanguage support too.

Experts predict a bright future for Arab casinos and for Arab casino players because the Internet and technology will make this activity even more interesting, exciting and profitable.



An overview of online gambling in the Arab world

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The first online casino was opened back in 1994. The idea was accepted very well by passionate casino players and other people interested in this activity. However, it took a few years before this specific form of gambling became popular. Today, there are dozens of online casinos available to players around the world and Arabic countries are not an exception.

The fact is that the Arabic language is among the top five most spoken languages on our planet and this is definitely one of the reasons why so many online casinos are interested in being present on this market. What makes the situation in the Arab world different is that Arabic-speaking countries have a specific culture, tradition, and rules making gambling less popular. However, even though online gaming is not widespread in most of these countries, the truth is that there are many online casinos that provide their services (and games) in this language. So, in case someone is interested in an Arabic online casino, they should not have any trouble finding one. In fact, there are many review websites that provide detailed information about these casinos like online-casino-arabic.com.which is a good example.

Where are Arabic online casinos available?

Arabic online casinos come with different limitations. There are many of them who are accepting players from every corner of the world. But, there are also some of them that are accessible to players from specific countries. The simplest way to determine whether an Arabic casino accepts players from your country is to check the list of countries on their registration page. In case you are unable to find this information, you can always contact their customer services. A good online casino should provide quick answers to all their existing and potential members.


Arabic internet casinos accept different currencies. In most cases, the currencies that are accepted depend on the management’s marketing plan. For instance, in case they are focused on Egyptian players, they offer deposits and withdrawals in Egyptian pounds. But, there are also many Arabic online casino platforms that use US dollars and British pounds. Once again, you can find out which currencies are accepted on the official website or by contacting their support.

Types of games

Online casinos that are available (or based) in the Arab world provide the most popular casino games. So, in case you are a great fan of poker, slot machines, blackjack, roulette or any other similar game you won’t be left disappointed. What’s even better is that these casinos, just like all other casinos, provide some very attractive bonuses to all their players. You can expect a special welcome bonus from almost every site. There are also bonuses and promotions for existing players too.


Most websites of this kind provide a wide range of banking options to their players. Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, bank or even SMS transfers are some of the options that players in the Arab world have.

We hope that this simple guide will help you understand the way online casinos and gambling work in the Arab world.



Online Flash Roulette: How it Works ?

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Roulette is one of the most popular games in the world of online casino even after having a larger house edge than other casino games. Almost everyone is aware of the spinning roulette wheel, the chip-filled table and the lazily bouncing ball. The game has become highly popular all around the world and this has what made the casinos offer roulette game in various modes such as flash and software-based roulette games. However, this has led to a big confusion as people who visit online casinos always fall into a riddle about whether to play flash roulette or play roulette within a casino’s software. Following are some advantages of playing flash roulette over playing roulette by downloading software.

There are in fact several advantages, which the players can get by playing flash roulette. The main advantage that comes with playing flash roulette is that a player can play the game on multiple computers. The players can log into their casino account at www.roulette-online.co.uk, or any other reputable roulette site online, from any machine and get started with the game. The players can play the game at any casino site, while traveling on their mobile phones, coffee shops and other places. This feature is not available for players who prefer to play online roulette with the software provided by the casino.

How To Play Roulette Online And Be Good At It

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Roulette is considered as game of numbers in the gambling world. It is difficult for people who love the game and have been playing in land based casinos to shift and move on to online casinos for roulette. It also becomes hard for them to figure out the best way of playing, especially when bombarded with different types of bet. Don’t worry it might look complicated in the beginning but little bit of planning will simplify the game to an extent. Here are few tips for you:

1. Roulette is simple if you understand the terms and conditions. So before you browse through the net read the rules and regulations of the game.

2. You must keep control on your bankroll. Do not play with all the money you have. Start playing with small amount of money which you are willing to lose. Play smartly and do not put more than 25% of your bankroll on stake. You must also keep a part of your winning amount aside.

3. Make sure that you enjoy the game. Bet on a number or a series of numbers. If you bet on a single number than you need to drop your chips on that particular number but if you bet on a series of numbers, place your chip on a line connecting all the nearby digits.

4. Figure out the beat online site by reading the reviews and have a quality gaming experience.

5. Just don’t try to behave like a champion and make hundred dollars bet. Start with a very small amount and after winning, increase the amount of bet.

6. Take break from the game some time and watch other players playing. This will also help you understand their style and plan your own strategy.

7. Even if game rule guide suggest you a bet way, find a system that is comfortable to you and then start the game.